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Auto industry performance of October-2023

Dais World | 10/11/2023 01:13 PM

Production: The total production of Passenger Vehicles1, Three Wheelers, Two Wheelers, and Quadricycle in October 2023 was 26,21,248 units

Domestic Sales:

  • Passenger Vehicles2 sales were 3,89,714 units in October 2023.
  • Three-wheeler sales were 76,940 units in October 2023
  • Two-wheeler sales were 18,95,799 units in October 2023.

1 BMW, Mercedes, JLR, Tata Motors & Volvo Auto data are not available.

2 BMW, Mercedes, JLR & Volvo Auto data are not available. Tata Motors Domestic Sales data included only in this document.

Commenting on sales data of October 2023, Mr Vinod Aggarwal, President, SIAM said, “Both Passenger Vehicles and Three-Wheelers have posted highest ever sales of October, while Two- Wheeler segment has also posted good sales in the month of October 2023. All the three segments have posted double-digit growth. This growth momentum is encouraging for the industry which has been enabled by sustained conducive policies of the Government and the ongoing festive season.”

Commenting on October 2023 performance, Mr Rajesh Menon, Director General, SIAM said, “Passenger Vehicles posted the highest ever sales of October of 3.90 Lakh units, with a growth of 15.9%, compared to last year. Three-Wheelers also reported a decent growth of 42.1%, posting sales of about 0.77 lakh units in October 2023. 18.96 Lakh Units of Two-Wheelers were sold in October 2023, with a growth of 20.1%, as compared to October 2022.”

Domestic Sales: Monthly

Category Domestic Sales (In Nos.)
Segment/Subsegment October
2022 2023
Total Passenger Vehicles3 3,36,330 3,89,714
Three Wheelers    
Passenger Carrier 41,246 60,889
Goods Carrier 10,326 11,659
E-Rickshaw 2,323 4,124
E-Cart 259 268
Total Three Wheelers 54,154 76,940
Two Wheelers    
Scooter/ Scooterettee 5,13,450 5,89,802
Motorcycle/Step-Throughs 10,20,295 12,52,835
Mopeds 44,638 53,162
Total Two Wheelers 15,78,383 18,95,799
Quadricycle 71 81

3 BMW, Mercedes, JLR & Volvo Auto data are not available. Tata Motors Domestic Sales data included only in ‘Total PV’, detailed break-up is not available. However, without Tata Motors, ‘Total PV’ would be 2,91,113 for October 2022 and 3,41,377 for October 2023

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