Press Release > Even gold has a gold standard: MMTC-PAMP celebrates Dhanteras and Diwali with purest Goddess Lakshmi 24K (999.9+) 10 gm Gold Bar

Even gold has a gold standard: MMTC-PAMP celebrates Dhanteras and Diwali with purest Goddess Lakshmi 24K (999.9+) 10 gm Gold Bar

Dais World | 10/11/2023 11:59 AM

  • MMTC-PAMP shares the joy and spirit of Dhanteras and Diwali, a celebration that unites millions across India in devotion, with their Goddess Lakshmi 24K (999.9+) 10 gm Gold Bar  
  • The purest 999.9+ gold bar features an exquisitely detailed image of Goddess Lakshmi, revered as the symbol of wealth and prosperity 
  • In addition to the exquisite gold bar, MMTC-PAMP offers the Goddess Lakshmi 24K (999.9) 2 gm Gold Pendant; Lakshmi Ganesh (999.9) 10 gm Shankh Shape Silver Coin (2-coin set); Lakshmi Ganesh (999.9) 50 gm Silver Coin; Ashta Lakshmi (999.9) 50 gm Silver Coin on this occasion 
  • These exquisite and intricately designed products can be found here: Link 

As the festive season of Dhanteras and Diwali draws near, MMTC-PAMP, India's only London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) Good Delivery Gold & Silver refiner, is delighted to illuminate the festival of lights with its intricately designed ‘Goddess Lakshmi Gold Bar’. As Goddess Lakshmi is revered as a timeless and sacred symbol of wealth, prosperity and good fortune, this bar is a tribute to her attributes and heralds the joyous festive season. 

MMTC-PAMP’s Goddess Lakshmi Gold Bar, weighing 10 gm, is a heartfelt tribute to the revered deity. The bar showcases Goddess Lakshmi in the Padmāsana position on a lotus throne, holding two lotus flowers from which coins flow, symbolizing blessings and wealth upon her devotees. The allegory of the lotus highlights purity and enlightenment amid the ignorance of the murky water in which this plant blooms. Crafted with 999.9+ purest gold, this bar is an ideal gift for friends and family during this festive season.  

Speaking about the announcement, Vikas Singh, Managing Director & CEO of MMTC-PAMP said, “Gold holds profound cultural significance, especially during Diwali and Dhanteras. These occasions witness families embracing age-old customs of purchasing gold, as an investment and a cherished ritual. Adding gold to an investment portfolio is a timeless strategy since it has consistently proven its worth as a safe and reliable investment over the years.

At MMTC-PAMP, we take immense pride in providing the purest 999.9+ (24K) Gold and Silver products, ensuring consumer investments hold great value and also embody the festive spirit. As a time-honoured, secure investment, gold will continue to act as a symbol of our traditions and harbinger of prosperity. Therefore, we anticipate robust demand during this festive season.”

Dhanteras, the start of Diwali, is a time for gold and silver purchases to invite long-term blessings of Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesh for wealth, new beginnings and prosperity.  

The most auspicious time to buy gold and silver for Dhanteras 2023 is from 2:35 PM on November 10 to 6:40 AM on November 11, according to astrological predictions. If you miss this period, you can still buy gold and silver on November 11 between 6:40 AM and 1:57 PM. 

Therefore, Goddess Lakshmi Gold Bar, packaged in a premium minted card, is an ideal gift for your loved ones and is a treasured collectable that can be passed down through generations. The 999.9+ Purest Gold Bar stands out with its intricate design of the goddess with the Finest Swiss Craftsmanship while maintaining purity and weight for a precious investment and work of art. 

In addition to the exquisite gold bar, MMTC-PAMP offers the Goddess Lakshmi 24K (999.9) 2 gm Gold Pendant; Lord Ganesh 24K (999.9) 2 gm Gold Pendant; Lakshmi Ganesh (999.9) 10 gm Shankh Shape Silver Coin (2-coin set); Lakshmi Ganesh (999.9) 50 gm Silver Coin; Ashta Lakshmi (999.9) 50 gm Silver Coin on this occasion. These intricately crafted gold coins and bars depict Lord Ganesh and Goddess Lakshmi as works of art and profound symbols of spiritual and material abundance. These exquisitely crafted Shankh-shaped silver coins are of the purest 999.9 purity and depict benevolent deities worshipped for their life-giving blessings of prosperity, protection, wisdom, and guidance. 

More information on MMTC-PAMP products can be obtained from MMTC-PAMP’s exclusive stores, leading jeweller partners, online marketplaces like Amazon and Flipkart, or directly from MMTC-PAMP’s website.   

Every product created by MMTC-PAMP goes through a rigorous purification process to ensure 999.9+ purity of the metal. To ensure the product’s authenticity, each MMTC-PAMP product carries a unique number and comes packaged in an Assayer-certified certicard. Each gold and silver product bought from MMTC-PAMP offers positive weight tolerance, guaranteeing that every coin or bar you buy weighs more than the listed weight, ensuring customers get the highest value for their investment.     


A joint venture between Switzerland-based bullion refinery, PAMP SA, and MMTC Ltd, a Miniratna and Government of India Undertaking. MMTC-PAMP is the only LBMA-accredited gold & silver good delivery refiner in India and is accepted across global commodity exchanges and central banks. The company seamlessly marries Swiss excellence with Indian insights. MMTC-PAMP India Pvt. Ltd. is internationally recognised as an industry leader in bringing global standards of excellence to the Indian precious metals industry. MMTC-PAMP has received several awards since its inception from local and global industry bodies for transparency and sustainability that it rigorously upholds in its sourcing, refining, and supply of precious metals in the Indian market. 

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