Press Release > 2024 Walk4Hearing events kick-off to support growing number of people with hearing loss across the US 

2024 Walk4Hearing events kick-off to support growing number of people with hearing loss across the US 

Dais World | 15/04/2024 05:01 PM

Social media spirit day encourages participation in Walks coming to 21 cities this year

The Hearing Loss Association of America (HLAA)—the leading voice of the growing number of Americans with hearing loss—begins its 2024 Walk4Hearing season with community support events in 21 US cities from May through November. Hearing loss affects one in seven Americans, and worldwide one billion young people are now at risk from noise exposure, according to the World Health Organisation (WHO). The HLAA Walk4Hearing events raise awareness and funds for this growing problem and bring hope to people with hearing loss.

"Walk4Hearing brings hope to thousands of people with hearing loss in their hometowns across the country. These events connect people with peers, local programs and experts that empower people to live well with hearing loss," says HLAA Executive Director Barbara Kelley. She adds, "Everyone should pay attention to their hearing health—an often overlooked, but critical part of overall wellness."

Read one inspiring story about a mother and daughter whose lives were changed by a Walk4Hearing event they attended last year. The first Walk is on May 18 in Michigan, and 20 others follow across the country through November.

HLAA is encouraging participants to share their spirit on Walk4Hearing Day, April 16, by posting photos and inspiring stories on social media with the hashtag #WhyIWalk4Hearing. People can sign up to participate in or donate to a Walk at

Untreated hearing loss is linked to other serious conditions like increased risk of falls, isolation and depression. HLAA educates the public about hearing health and advocates for accessible care, treatment and communication while providing a community of support for people with hearing loss throughout the country.

Many Walk4Hearing events offer free hearing screenings, access to hearing care and assistive technology experts and community assistance from local HLAA Chapters and State Organisations. Since 2006, Walk4Hearing has raised more than $18 million for essential programs and resources.

National honorary co-chairs of the 2024 Walk4Hearing are Robert Engelke, president and founder of CapTel, Inc.—a company that provides captioned telephones for people with hearing loss and low vision—and Brandon Sawalich, president and CEO of Starkey—one of the world's leading hearing technology companies. Starkey and CapTel are important partners providing vital support to HLAA programs that lead to broader access to care and better lives with hearing loss.

The WHO estimates that the number of people with hearing loss worldwide will double by 2050, which makes the awareness and prevention messages of Walk4Hearing critical.

About HLAA

The Hearing Loss Association of America (HLAA) is the leading voice of the growing number of people with—and at risk of—hearing loss in the US. We advocate to increase access to care and treatment, break down stigmas through education and awareness, and empower people with hearing loss through a nationwide community of support. Our work impacts millions, improving the lives of people with hearing loss, and elevating the importance of hearing health and accessible communication, through national legislation and public policy, and a network of chapters, state organisations, and grassroots efforts. Our Walk4Hearing events raise awareness and funds in cities across the country and bring hope to families dealing with hearing loss.

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